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Privacy Policy

Anavrin Hotel – Privacy Policy

Anavrin Hotel Group and its services have promised to safeguard your privacy. We want you to have some knowledge about how we gather, disclose, and utilize information about you, which refers to any data that identifies or can be used to identify or contact you.

Although most of the time, we will collect, disclose, and otherwise use information about you in ways that are helpful, convenient, and relevant to all of our guests, sometimes we may have a legitimate reason – such as if we can benefit all our guests or if there is a serious issue – for using this information in other types of situations. That’s why you must understand how we treat information about you.

-We have a strong focus on respecting the privacy of our users regardless of whether they use our digital or physical platforms to interact with us. 

-We abide by the same privacy policies whether you visit one of our websites, download one of our applications, or engage with us offline through channels such as our call centers.

-The justification of why we process your data and your choices concerning that data.

This Privacy Policy excludes People Hotel Group website(s) and services with separate privacy policies. This Privacy Policy also does not make claims against third parties who are hotel owners with hotels that are related to both the company’s properties and third party chains that do not belong to Anavrin Hotel Group or its affiliates; online merchants who may or may not be affiliated with the company’s affiliated companies; or any other site, product, service or application that does not belong to the  People Hotel Group LLC.

What information does People collect?

1.Personal data

Personal data in this privacy policy is known as the ‘information relating to a known or unknown individual’ or a ‘data subject.’ When you contact us, book as a guest, visit one of our hotels or properties or use our website, we collect specific personal data from you. In the preceding twelve months, we have collected categories of personal data such as:

-Contact Details: Your name, e-mail address, phone number.

-Demographic Data:  Demographic information and location data.

-Financial Details:  Your credit card and the following data of your customers, who their first names can identify, last names, and, if needed, their company’s name. Credit card details – expiration, billing address, CVV2.

-Guest Stay Information: Visitor’s information, special requests and choices (including desired room type or floor and vacation choices), telephone numbers dialed, and phone messages received.

-Your Feedback: Your feedback is essential to us. We take it seriously and review it whenever we get the chance. In addition, we also use the information to make our community more enjoyable for everyone. As a leader in the hospitality industry, we sincerely appreciate your input and know how important it is to you that we treat it with care and respect. 

-Call Recordings: Recordings of phone calls, including interviews and guest service, chats for guaranteeing security and training, and records or descriptions of text messages where allowed by selected law or based on consent. 

-Corporate Data: Account data for corporate accounts and vendors (e.g., travel agents) that we contact.

2.Sensitive Personal Data

Special categories of personal data, such as health and location information (e.g., information related to your dietary or medical requirements), may be gathered directly from you or provided by third-party sources and – at your option – stored in our system for event notification, allowing us to provide tailored events to you based on your interests (for example, if you have indicated a strong interest in cocktails and have selected a specific venue explicitly for its cocktail menu).

All of your Sensitive Personal Data will be processed by us only if needed by law or with your express choice. Even though you are not obliged to provide us with any of your Sensitive Personal Data, we nevertheless encourage you to do so because, in that way, you would enable us to offer better services that would suit your needs. If you decide not to give us this data, we assure you that it’ll have no adverse effects on using our Services whatsoever.

When is your personal data collected?

-When you search before booking, travel, and stay at airlines, hotels, or travel sites online. Guests to our websites and apps who decide to purchase services will be asked to provide certain Personal Data, including Demographic Details such as your identification, e-mail address, and contact information, in addition to Financial data such as a bank card number or PayPal account. Along with this personal data, we may also be paid with your Sensitive Personal Data like your passport number or driver’s license id for verification purposes. We collect your PII to provide you with information about services, including deals and promotions!

-When you allow us to send promotional offers or newsletters at our discretion. We collect your email address, but only after you have realized that the service is free. We won’t be sending any collected data to third-party companies for the time being. 

-When you deliver any comments and feedback or connect with us in any way. Like by submitting a contact form (through social media) or communicating on third-party forums, you voluntarily take these actions. When they do so, you implicitly expect that we will be collecting your data. This data should not be considered sensitive because if it were to be considered sensitive, we would not have made it freely available publicly; otherwise, it may lead to issues down the line that could inadvertently affect someone negatively.

-When you share your photos. We collect and publish them on our website. As part of the process, we may store these photos online or offline as needed and use them as we see fit.

-We collect information from other properties you have stayed at. The personal data you provide to us in connection with making a reservation, including your contact details, demographic information, and guest stay information, is shared with other hotel properties you have visited to meet your prior reservation requests and preferences.

-From Affiliates. We are a global enterprise and may receive your Data from other companies or other hotel chains within our group. We do this in order to help you enjoy the best of our hospitality services, meaning if there’s a particular feature about one of our hotels that we think might pique your interest, we can share it with you in one form or another so long as you allow us. This way, in the future, before traveling to any of these places, we can make sure that everything about your check-in is as easy and seamless as possible knowing what essential factors may be mentioned beforehand will give us enough time to process them whether they require communication with our property management team or travel arrangements with air or seaports.

-From Your Travel Companion. We may collect Personal Data about you from your travel companion, if applicable. If you are the parent or guardian of a child traveling with an adult, please let us know. We will collect their Personal Data through a separate authorization process meant to ensure that children aren’t forced into situations they don’t fully understand.

Why is personal data used?

-Performing Our Contract. We process your personal data in order to perform a contract we have with you, including completing your reservation, providing you with the goods and services that you purchased from us or requested from us, managing tenants’ stays in our properties where we provide management services to owners, and all of the above-related tasks.

-Legitimate Business Reason. We may also use your personal information for purposes of a legitimate business reason pursued by us or perhaps even by one of our partners or related companies.

-To make things better for users and to uphold our standards. We must comply with legal obligations. Such an instance when we have to use your data as a part of the research will be if we need your identity in order to process it. The same rule applies while using your bank details while making payments with us.

What cookies and other technologies do we gather?

-Automatic data collection. We have the technology to collect statistical information about your equipment, web browser, and computer to ensure that our website will work properly for your system requirements. These technologies include data that permit us to identify which specific parts of the website pages you view and use, including:

1. Complete information of your visits to our hotel such as traffic and location data, date and time of usage, frequency, and other connecting data.

2. Information about actions performed while using services, such as page views within or on our Services or Internet searches related to the Services.

3. Geographic location information is obtained from your system.

in addition, we may also collect certain personal information when you register with us.

-Cookies. You can receive monthly reports that analyze your data usage and the success of your website. Our reports will include: detailed pages views, site visits, referrers for all visits, exact time of access, search engine keywords, and page entry info – this helps us improve your website by ensuring it is achieving its goals!

-We collect information regarding your location. To bring you personalized location-based services, we provide you with access to and use certain features of location-aware devices (for example, mobile phones or other WiFi-enabled devices that provide services at the hotel). In order to improve our offerings, often via those devices, we may collect and store the physical location on your device through the use of technologies to help us offer personalized location-based services such as personalized offers or promotions. The information collected from such devices is said to be anonymous but not without accurate geographic details.

What are your rights, and how to wield your rights?

Access: The permission to request access to your Personal Data, which includes the opportunity to know whether we are processing any of your information and the reasons why. We will usually share this information with you within one (1) month of asking us for it. 

Correct or Remove: The permit to rectify or remove your Personal Data, which includes the chance to have incomplete Personal Data completed. It can also be referred to as “the right to be forgotten.”

Restrict: The allowance to acquire a restriction of processing regarding your Personal Data, which includes restricting us from carrying out to process your Personal Data under any conditions that we believe you have violated our Terms of Service. 

Object: The right to object to the processing of your Personal Data under any circumstance in which an exception has been decided upon by law or agreements we are required to respect.

Data Portability: You have the right to receive your Personal Data in a structured format from any controller you have provided it to. You may also be able to transmit such information directly to another controller if you so choose.

What data is gathered from children?

Accordingly, we respectfully ask that Services not be used by anyone under the age of 16 unless adult supervision is provided. If you are below 16, please do not supply any personal information.

Suppose you are a child who does end up providing us with your information over our Services online. In that case, your parent or guardian can contact us at [Mention the e-mail id] to review their request, and upon notification, we will delete all information obtained from children under the age of 16.

What about privacy transformations?

We reserve the right to update this Privacy Policy from time to time. We will post any updates to this Policy here. If we make any material changes in the way we treat your Personal Data, we will endeavor to inform you of such changes 30 days prior through a notice on our home page. The last revision date is identified at the very bottom of this page.

It’s entirely up to you to give us a deliverable email address, but if you end up changing it by chance, please make sure you come back and check for any important announcements that might contain an updated copy of our Terms and Privacy Policy.