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About The Retreat



All People Retreat are conceptualised to minimize human carbon footprint without sacrificing luxury and guest experience. At every property, living in harmony with nature as a way to heal the mind, body and soul is deeply encouraged. It is our strong belief that our way of living has been torturous towards ‘Mother Earth’ and to the wellbeing of other animals. Therefore, at Anavrin Retreat, every effort is made to care and be differential towards animals, fauna and flora. Mistreatment of animals is not tolerated at any of our properties.  All our properties encourage a minimalistic approach to luxury, powered as far as possible through renewable, carbon neutral resources such as solar and wind power. Water recycling is encouraged. Use of plastic is restricted, but not banned, as a minimalistic usage is both practical and sustainable, in our view. However, plastic is sent for recycling by the Retreat.

About Anavrin


Nestled in the footholds of The Hajar Mountains, in the greens of Hamrani is ‘AlMatar Farms’, where Anavrin Equestrian Retreat & Sports Club is co-located.

Anavrin, which literally means ‘Little Angel’, is a luxury boutique, full-service, equine-based wellness Retreat, focused on ‘healing with horses’.

Expect the unexpected.

  • Wake up to the sound of the hoofs of horses as they gallop or trot the 1300 meter dirt track.
  • Make friends with a horse grazing in your backyard.
  • Swim in the pool with geese, or take a lazy stroll around the paddocks.
  • Meditate with horses.
  • Spend an evening discovering yourself, in the depth of the desert, or in the chill of the mountain air.
  • Throw a line and try fishing as a therapy.
  • Connect with leading Yogamasters, Yoginis, life gurus, equestrian managers, equine therapists or Sports Masseurs, and discover a ‘new you’.
  • Try your hand at sports.


  • Just chill at the sports bar
  • Enjoy an evening of thrills at Boabdil, our signature restaurant.

At Anavrin, there is always something for everyone.

Come. Heal. Connect.

Retreat Map


Retreat Facts

Over 5000 trees and shrubs absorbing over 2.5 tons of CO2 every year.

Capacity of over 20 tons of fish annually, including both salt and fresh water fishes.

Over a 100 permanent resident animals, including horses. Over 300 different species of birds can be spotted in the farm, either as resident, or visiting.

2 Speciality Restaurants, with over 150 covers and a stunning design 45 luxury chalets, each with ensuite or attached bathrooms. 7 'pitch your own tent' sites

Over 150KW of solar energy, enough to power most of the human and animal electricity and air-conditioning needs at the Retreat.

3 at site RO plants, with waste water recycled to harvest salt water fishes.

2 Speciality Restaurants, with over 150 covers and a stunning design 45 luxury chalets, each with ensuite or attached bathrooms. 7 'pitch your own tent' sites

The Hub

A. Lost? Find yourself once more, @The Hub
B. Get into your trendy self to 'notice' and 'be noticed' at The Hub

At the Centre of it all is “The Hub”.

All major sports activities connect to The Hub, as do ‘All Desires’. All paths lead to the Hub, which wakes up early and sleeps really late. Whether watching sports on the ultra high resolution outdoor all weather 6m screen, or reading a book at ‘The Library’, The Hub is where everyone connects.

Enjoy an evening of live music, entertainment, outdoor conversations, or sports at The Hub. Trendy, upward mobile like you, The Hub is truly in the ‘Thick of Things’.

Considering a lazy afternoon at the pool? Or a herbal, sports or Ayurvedic Spa? Stroll down, or request to be driven in style in one of our vintage ‘electric cars’ to ‘The Hub’.

Wanna speak to the hotel management, or book an excursion? Call or walk down to ‘The Hub’. Any problems with your bookings, wishing to extend your stay, or considering joining any of the activities or wellness programs offered? Come to ‘The Hub’.      

Learn about events, or planned visits of ‘healers and yoga masters’ by speaking to one of our team members @The Hub. 

Book yourself a sports court at ‘The Hub’. Become a member of the various health and fitness programs. Or organize your own event, planned by our event management team, which shall spare no effort to curate a memorable and ‘talking point’ ‘event’ for your company, you, and your loved ones. 

A 24/7 workspace, The Hub continues its services till the last guest is off to bed, and then starts early for the preparation of a healthy & sumptuous breakfast at the dual level kitchens situated @The Hub, serving the patrons who start early @ The Coliseum.

Enjoy early morning English breakfast tea as you watch the horses exercise and trot by. Pick-up a book from the library. Or be a part of the early risers and enjoy a session of Yoga and meditation, all connected to ‘The Hub’.

@ The Hub
@ The Hub:

Any and all questions, information, and booking for external or internal programs are handled @ The Hub. The various aspects of the Retreat handled @ The Hub include:

  • Room related queries
  • Front office assistance
  • Events and excursions queries & bookings
  • Sports related queries & bookings
  • Membership queries
  • Open Championship programs
  • Showers and pool
  • SPA and wellness programs
  • Event planning
  • Coliseum & live Sports

The Hub is not a conventional reception. It is a greenhouse designed as the heart of the Retreat. Various critical elements of the Retreat are stationed @ The Hub to make it easy for guests and visitors to access all services they may desire at one place. The Hub directly connects or integrates with the following facilities:

  • All Day Dining
  • Live Sports
  • Library & Digital prints of major newspapers
  • Bar & Walk-in cool cave
  • 2 Kitchens
  • Front Office (FOH)
  • Back Office (BOH)
  • SPA & Salon
  • Swimming Pool and toilets

Passionate Team

The team at Anavrin Equestrian Retreat & Sports Club is deeply committed to ensuring each guest has an excellent time, whether on or off the premises. Being custodians of a wellness Retreat with its own resident and visiting flora and fauna, we are well-versed with animals and their habits. All the staff at the premises loves animals, is environment & animal friendly. The top management understands the stress, added to the wear & tear today’s human beings endure everyday at work. Our programs are therefore designed to be ‘Manna for the Soul’.

At the core of our philosophy is ‘Guest Experience’ Come. Heal.Connect.

Awards & Recognition

The Retreat has been recognised by the coveted ‘Healing Hotels of the World’ as a destination for equine and other wellness treatments, becoming a part of a select group of around 100 ‘Healing Hotels of the World’, thanks to its core philosophy of ‘Healing With Horses’. An humongous effort has gone in to set up this carbon-sensitive and responsible Retreat. We are seeking a validation of our efforts and further guidance from, in conjunction with RAK Tourim. But our true award & recognition is the smile and a pat on the back by our valued guests. Take a moment to let us know how we performed and what could have been better.

Social Responsibility

At Anavrin Equestrian Retreat & Sports Club, we are in pursuit of a carbon-neutral future. While at the Retreat, please consider a little before you waste any resources. Food can be recycled or be fed to animals and pets. Water is recycled at the premises, but fast becoming a scarce commodity. Together, let’s  conserve it. Electricity at the premises is generated using solar energy, but the back up is fossil fuel driven. Responsible usage ensures that the Retreat remains carbon neutral. Hot water is only available from 6-10 in the morning and evening.

Let us enjoy this experience together, while leaving a smaller carbon footprint. Loud conversations and disturbing others is not acceptable, and, in the interest of other guests, those indulging in such practices will be removed from the premises and not welcome anytime in the future. Stay responsible.