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Arrival at Anavrin

Perfect stopover for residents and travelers who are looking for ‘something different’. Come, ‘heal with horses’.

Expect a warm welcome by our trained staff, chefs, wellness gurus, and therapists.

The main gates at Anavrin open automatically upon your arrival. 

At the second gate, you will be warmly welcomed by the valet and concierge, who will park your vehicle for you during the duration of your stay.

EV vintage club cars will then escort you to your chalet, where our executive staff will check you in, with your welcome drinks and provide you with a brief schedule and property guidelines.

Please note that only EV vehicles are allowed inside the property, in line with our carbon and Earth-friendly policies. All other vehicles are parked in a safe and secure place outside the premises.

EV charging points are provided in the EV parking areas inside the premises.

The retreat is pet-friendly and resident animals have the ‘right of way’. However, please maintain decorum, and if your pets are not people trained, keep them on their leashes in public areas.

Our Rooms

We’re glad to see you here.

At Anavrin Hotel retreat we care for everything including your arrival.

Standard Rooms

If you decide on a standard room, we’ll have it waiting for you when you arrive. Our retrat is a 30 minute drive from the famous airports in Abu Dhabi and Dubai. After booking a standard room you can drive here on your own. All you need to do is show your reservation, and you’re in.

Premium Rooms

There is also an option of booking a premium room that will have more amenities compared to a standard room. On your request a Lamborghini can arrive to pick you up from the airport.

After Booking a Premium Room!

  • You won’t even need to bring your luggage in with you; just leave it in the vehicle and head inside. We’ll take care of it.
  • You’ll get exclusive access to our VIP lounge, where all the top celebrities hang out. No more schlepping around like a normal person.

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