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Wellness & SPA

Wellness at Anavrin

The Spa is designed to factor both sports and luxury massage and makeup options. 

Trained masseuse, physiotherapist and consultants offer the most discerning clients the best of treatments. 


Thai, Moroccan and a blend of therapeutic options are on offer, and a Spa consultant is at location to offer suggestions and take bookings

A green room offers the best of makeup options, to prepare you for that special evening. Various Spa rooms offer His, Her and Couple Therapy, all in a setting that compliments your style and preferences.


Say goodbye to all muscle tightness and stubborn body pain with our massages designed to heal, refresh and enlighten.


Experience a diverse blend of peace, calm, and tranquility with our expertly sequenced signature massage.


Experience a diverse blend of peace, calm, and tranquility with our expertly sequenced signature massage.

Wellness Hub at Anavrin

The Wellness hub at Anavrin retreat is designed to help everyone release the stresses of everyday life and get a chance to recharge.

We offer a wide range of signature massages, body treatments, facials, and soothing therapies for an overall exceptional retreat.

Ayurvedic Healer

At Anavrin , we help connect our visitors with the best ayurvedic and homoeopathic doctors. You can choose from a range of services. Our Healers deliver holistic treatments. Get rid of all aches and pains by booking an appointment.

Traditional Therapies

We are honored to be a part of your health and wellness journey and we aim to support you in every aspect of it. Our Wellness package also offers traditional massage therapies.

Hydro Treatments

Rebalance your mind and body with the healing properties of our cold and hot hydrotherapies. Our therapeutic pools are designed to help you reach higher energy levels, relieve stress, and promote blood circulation.


Get the sincere support and treatments you need to feel confident and beautiful at an important event. At Anavrin retreat, we offer full-service, connected beautification services where you can unwind and manage your time better.

Against the backdrop of natural fields and calming ambiance, our beauty salons and bars offer the perfect retreat for a tired and neglected skin and body.


Ensure everything goes your way on the big day with expert wedding makeup that looks exactly as you envisioned.


Look your best for any important shoot with our in-house team of expert makeup artists having decades of experience.


With decades of experience under our belt, there is no makeup look we can’t ace to keep you looking glammed-up and confident all day long.